• "I got great encouragement to pursue something I had put off for years."
    - 'Anne', 48, a homemaker returned to education and is now doing a computer course

  • "Just in talking to the Guidance Counsellor, I could hear myself talking, bringing out into the open what was going on for myself. I had a better understanding."
    - 'David' left school at 15 to work in a factory. At 26 he started a Higher Certificate in Manufacturing Technology.

  • "I would have no hesitation in recommending this service to people like myself."
    - 'Jim', 42, a farmer looking for alternative career options, has decided to pursue a course that combines his previous work experience and his areas of interest.

  • "You really don't realise what's out there until you talk it over with someone."
    - 'Clare', 20, a lone parent, had tried to get information on courses in the locality but felt confused by it all. She is now taking a course that will help her set up her own business.

  • "I have also encouraged other prospective students to use this helpful service."
    - 'Joseph', 24, left school at 16. Having accessed the Guidance Service he is now enrolled in an area of study that always appealed to him. He hopes to complete a degree course in three years time.


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